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Professor of Geophysics Australian National University Canberra, Australia +61 4 0333 1413

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Lecture notes

For the 2015 VIEPS course on geodynamics, I converted my notes to Markdown and Mathjax to make a web version. Although it is still a bit buggy (particularly cross references across sections of the notes), it certainly improves upon the old web-text / web-mathematics experience. There are some underworld ipython notebooks which could be linked with these notes. The notes can be found here


Notebooks from the VIEPS class ‘Introduction to Python’ (VIEPS INP) Distributed via github.com/lmoresi

Map making with cartopy
Global age grid and strain rate invariant plotted using cartopy.

In the Mapping subdirectory there is a module from VIEPS INP in which I taught students how to make maps using the cartopy package in the jupyter notebook system.

Cartopy — The cartopy tutorial materials from the python VIEPS course from 2015 are now available on my github teaching page under Mapping. I like the simplicity of this package and I used it to help the cla…