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LABPAX workshop, Hainberg, Austria, April 2014

At the ILP Task Force LABPAX workshop in Austria, 2014, I gave an overview of thermal boundary layers and scaling for the sub-continental lithosphere. The talk slides in pdf format are at the following link: Talks/LABPAX-2014/TBLs.pdf. Chiefly, this presentation is a summary of some of the relevant papers intended to promote discussion amongst a group mostly consisting of experts in seismological imaging of the deep lithosphere.

As someone with a background in geodynamics, it is very clear that there are well-imaged discontinuities in the mid and deep lithosphere, but it is not always clear which of these can be attributed to the LAB. In fact, it is not at all clear to me that we have the same expectations of what the Lithosphere and Asthenosphere really are among our different communities.

Note, the PDF file has some movie snapshots - you can find links for these by browsing through my posts on continental accretion and my geodynamics videos.