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Some videos by me or with me in them [updated]

October 2015: Added links to Elements Volume September 2015: Added Cogent Video April 2019: Added KITP Video

Non-traditional subduction

A video from the CIDER 2016 workshop at KITB (UCSB)

Earth seismicity

These renderings were made by Jerico Revote of the Monash 3D Alive facility.

The Earth’s seismicity from a few hundred kilometres down, looking back up. Not an unfamiliar view for a geophysicist, but it may take a while to become familiar with where you are if you are not used to thinking about the Earth from the inside. The subduction zones stand out from this angle. 3D-alive also had head tracking and this view happens to be one of the best ways to view the models because you just have to stand on tip-toes to see above the surface.

This is the same data but rendered from outside the Earth looking down. It’s easier to see the plate boundaries in this case but the structure of the subduction zones is not as well outlined.

Continental Collision and Lateral Slab Rollback

The “missing video” from our paper — we made 6 videos, but there is also a seventh which we only showed as a snapshot. Here is the missing movie of model “80s”. The other 6 videos are available from the nature website

Moresi, L.N., Betts, P.G., Miller, M.S., and Cayley, R.A., 2014, The Dynamics of Continental Accretion: Nature, doi:10.1038/nature13033.

Time dependent behaviour in congested subduction

L. Moresi, D. Willis, Time Dependent Behaviour of Congested Subduction, Elements, 11(2), APRIL 2015, electronic supplement, DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.1099.2169

See the elements web page for all five movies.

Video presentations

This is the presentation I gave at the CSDMS meeting in Boulder, CO, in 2013. They made a video and there is a transcript too (autogenerated - for those who enjoy those voice-to-email messages from google voice). Thanks to a cascade of delays on the way from Australia to Denver, I ended up giving this talk 10 minutes after getting into town … the long and frantic journey shows, unfortunately. Luckily I rented a Fiat 500 with the espresso-machine aesthetic which was painted in go-faster red !

Here are my thoughts on open access publishing as told to my CogentOA handlers at the EGU meeting in Vienna, 2015

Interviewed at a secret location somewhere in the Vienna International Centre, 2015